Friday, 9 December 2011

New Questions On Banking Awareness

Financial Awareness

QUESTION NO :1. Who was appointed as chairperson of High level Committee?

[A]  Smt. Usha Thorat
[B]  Mr. D.N Raddy
[C]  Mr. Shyama Prasad
[D]  Binsomnath

QUESTION NO :2. What was the objective of constituting High level committee?

[A]  To check the defects in Indian banking system
[B]  To review the lead bank scheme
[C]  To promote employees of Indian nationalized bank

QUESTION NO :3. When and by whom was introduced lead bank scheme?

[A]  SBI in 1971
[B]  PNB in 1956
[C]  RBI in 1969

QUESTION NO :4. What is full form of DCC?

[A]  Department of credit and cash
[B]  District Consultative Committee
[C]  Devaluate of current cash

QUESTION NO :5. What is the Full form of CRAFICARD ?

[A]  The Committee to Review
Arrangements for Institutional Credit for Agriculture and Rural Development
[B]  The Committee to ReviewArrangements for Institutional Credit for Acedmic and Recreational Development

QUESTION NO :6. what does mean SAA in banking ?

[A]  Scheme of accounts and action
[B]  Service Area Approach
[C]  Solution of authorized account

QUESTION NO :7. Full form of PLP

[A]  Protect liability of professionals
[B]  Prime liability of professionals
[C]  Potential linked plans

QUESTION NO :8. Full form of BLBC

[A]  Block level bankers committees
[B]  Block level bonus and credit
[C]  Block level bounds and cash

QUESTION NO :9 Full form of LDB
[A]  Loan to developed banks
[B]  Land development banks
[C]  Life development bank

QUESTION NO :10 . Full form of SLBC
[A]  The State Level Bankers’Committees
[B]  The State Level Bankers’ Commissions
[C]  The State Level Bankers’ Counsels

QUESTION NO :11. Who presides over State Level Co-ordination Committee ?
[A]  The Prime Minister
[B]  Indian Finance Minister
[C]  The Chief Minister/Finance Minister of the State

QUESTION NO :12. What is the number of rural branches of commercial banks in India in 2007?

[A]  30552
[B]  30550
[C]  30551

QUESTION NO :13. Financial inclusion is

[A]  To provide banking service at low cost to rich people
[B]  To provide banking service at low cost to poor people
[C]  Not the common objective of Indian central bank

QUESTION NO :14 . What scheme was launched by RBI for providing financial inclusion in India

[A]  General credit cards
[B]  to open free saving accounting for rural person
[C]  to provide loan without interest

QUESTION NO :15 . Full form of FLCC

[A]  Financial Literacy and Credit Cash Centre
[B]  Financial Literacy and Credit Counseling Centre
[C]  Financial Literacy and Current Counseling Centre

QUESTION NO :16. Full form of IBA

[A]  Indian banks’ association
[B]  Institutional balance of Account
[C]  Important bank action

QUESTION NO :17. Which of the following recommendations has been put in by high level committee to review the lead bank scheme?

[A]  To provide satellite branches in rural areas
[B]  Once a week banking facility in rural areas
[C]  Mobile banking in rural areas

QUESTION NO :18 . Circuit breaker in stock market is

[A]  To regulate the prices of stock
[B]  to support bargaining at highest or lowest prices
[C]  To reduce the value of shares

QUESTION NO :19. Which is the subsidiary bank of SBI?

[A]  State bank of Haryana
[B]  State bank of Hyderabad
[C]  State bank of Delhi

Q :- 20. Which bank of India is in the top of world banks in the fortune Global 500 rating and ranking?

[A]  State bank of India
[B]  Punjab national bank
[C]  ICICI bank

QUESTION NO :21 . What is the total revenue of SBI in 2009

[A]  US$ 11 billion (2009)
[B]  US$ 13 billion (2009)
[C]  US$ 12 billion (2009)

QUESTION NO :22. In which country has PNB opened his new branch in 2009?

[A]  OSLO, Norway,
[B]  Hon Kong
[C]  Dubai

QUESTION NO :23 Which is first Indian bank who published their financial results after conforming to US GAAP ?

[A]  SBI
[B]  Corporation bank
[C]  Canara bank

QUESTION NO :24 philanthropist is the person who

[A]  Donate money
[B]  Provides services
[C]  Borrows money

QUESTION NO :25 Where is Indian currency paper or Indian Notes made?

[A]  Security Paper Mill , Hoshangabad Madhya Pradesh
[B]  Security Paper Mill , Mumbai , Maharashtra
[C]  Nasik Printing press of Notes

1.     (A)
2.     (B)
3.     (C)
4.     (B)
5.     (A)
6.     (B)
7.     (C)
8.     (A)
9.     (B
10. (A)
11. (C)
12. (C)
13. (B)
16. (A)
17.  (B)
18. (A)
19.  (B)
20.  (A)
21. (C)
22. (A)
23. (B)
24. (A)
25. (A)

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