Monday, 5 December 2011

Ibps CLerk 4/11/2011 exam Questions.

1.Leonel Messi related to which famous game?-Football
2.Which of the following is a internation sport?- Polo
3.who is president of italy?- Georgiano nepolitano
4.Largest producer of Rice?-China
5.Largest producer of Jute?-Bangladesh
6.what is L in LCA tejas developed by HAL?-Light combact aircraft
7.How financial inclusion can be achieved?
8.India gave financial aid to which of its neighbour?-mozambic as other all option are developed countries
9.Headquarter of IAEA?-Vienna repeated question
    Book not written by chetan bhagat?- The Himalayan love story
10.Wimbledon related to which game?-lawn tennis
11.Trophy related to football?- Santosh Trophy
12.who represented india in general assembly of un?_PM manmohansingh
13.which is not a country?-London
14.Who got 2011 Noble for Literature?
15.Question related to recurring deposit?
16.Bank can borrow overnight from rbi is called?-Repo rate
17.who cannt open a current account?-all can open
18.who can cancel demand draft?-nobody only cheque can be
19.which is not the function of bank- postal money order
20.what is base rate?-below which bank cant lend
21.Which is not a public sector company?-Hindalco its Aditya birla group company
22.which is the scheme launched by government?
23.which country was affected badly by economic crisis?-USA
24.where does atlantic ocean damage frequently?-USA all other options were related to pacific and indian ocean.
25. RRBs controlled by-NABARD
26. BCCI cricketer of 2011- Sachin Tendulkar
27. What is current rate on saving acc- none of these as RBI left control on rate fixation 4% minimum which option was not avilable there
28. Permenent member of SCO-shanghai cooperation organisation- China
29.Indian bank with Highest no. of foreing branches.

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